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About Tyler Guimond

Are you searching for somebody you can trust with your special day? Tyler’s a professional DJ with over ten years of professional DJ experience. He's celebrated in the industry for his ability to cater to anybody and anything. From events for companies, corporations, and clubs to weddings for countless happy brides and grooms, he ensures that each and every event's tailored to his clients' dreams and desires.


With experience earned from over a hundred successful events and weddings, he's celebrated for his ability to be able to seamlessly blend and transition between your special songs for your special day. While his dedication to consistently delivering five star events is evident in the energy that radiates from the dance floor, he ensures to make a mark on you and your guests that continues to reverberate even after the music finishes. With a expansive portfolio of successful events and weddings, you can trust Tyler with your special day.

Tyler Guimond Rock_Indie_Alternative_Hip Hop mixTyler Guimond
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