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About Tony V

Turn up the volume on your celebration with Tony V, your trusted DJ and master of infectious energy. Boasting over 6 years of experience captivating audiences across weddings, socials, corporate events, and club nights, Tony has honed his skills to curate unforgettable musical journeys.

What makes Tony the life of the party?

  • Genre Chameleon: Forget limitations - Tony effortlessly blends hip-hop, EDM, and everything in between, intuitively reading the crowd and crafting sets that keep toes tapping and bodies moving. From chart-topping hits to hidden gems, he curates the perfect soundtrack for your unique event.

  • Energy Alchemist: More than just playing music, Tony infuses every set with his electrifying personality. His boundless enthusiasm ignites the dance floor, creating a euphoric atmosphere that fosters connection and joy. He believes in the transformative power of music and uses it to weave unforgettable memories for your guests.

  • Seasoned Pro: With thousands of hours of experience under his belt, Tony's professionalism shines through. He's reliable, adaptable, and meticulous in planning, ensuring your event runs smoothly and exceeds expectations.

Seeking an extraordinary DJ experience that transcends expectations? Look no further than Tony V. He's not just a DJ; he's your partner in creating an event that will leave your guests talking long after the music fades.

Party Starter Mix (Open Format)Tony V
00:00 / 30:56
Hip Hop Demo MixTony V
00:00 / 30:20
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Rebecca V. Married on 02/02/2024

My husband and I were so impressed with our DJ, Tony. He was super attentive to the crowd during the party and was excellent during the ceremony and reception, with seamless loopingand fading of music during the procession/speeches/talking.
The dancefloor was packed right til the end of the night. Super professional as well. By far the best DJ we've seen at a banquet event. The planning team was also super organized with multiple meetings to discuss our music preferences and the day-of schedule. They made sure the music was personalized all throughout our day. DJ Tyco Entertainment was exactly what we were looking for. Thanks again for making our wedding such a great party!
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