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About DJ Jay Armas

Born in the vibrant streets of Cuba, DJ Jay Armas found his calling in the rhythms of Latin beats, the boldness of hip-hop, and the energy of house music. His taste and ability to blend genres have made him a standout figure in the DJ scene.

From Havana nights to the intimate bars of Calgary AB, to the lively clubs of Richmond BC, and the iconic venues of Vancouver BC, Jay has left his mark. As a veteran of many weddings, Jay knows how to craft the perfect musical backdrop for each couples celebration. His ability to read the room and deliver the right song at the right moment, creating an unforgettable night filled with dance, laughter, and the freedom only music can bring

Jay's passion for music remains the driving force behind his ever-evolving journey. Whether it’s a small gathering or a grand celebration, Jay brings the essence of Cuba, the heart of hip-hop, and the spirit of house to every performance.

DJ Boboy Open Format Demo MixDJ Boboy
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Preferred Genres:

- Funk

- Disco

- Latin

- Pop
- HipHop
- House/EDM

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