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About DJ Enrico

DJ Enrico was born and raised in Bombay, and eventually settled in Toronto. Growing up surrounded by diverse musical styles, he found inspiration in the melodies and rhythms of his environment. His passion for DJing grew stronger as he got older, and he embarked on a mission to share his mixes with the world.


Enrico's love for music began at a young age. While other kids were rushing to the snack table at family parties, he was rushing to connect his phone to the speakers and bring everyone to the dancefloor. He realized he had a talent for reading the crowd and keeping them on their feet early on.


Enrico's sets span a wide range of genres, including Top 40s, Hip-hop & RnB, Afrobeat, Country, Oldies & Jive, Reggae & Dancehall, 80s Retro, House/Techno, and Bollywood. With his versatile repertoire and infectious energy, DJ Enrico creates unforgettable experiences that captivate audiences around the world

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