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About Coolface the DJ

Coolface the DJ has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, and his experience truly shows. Starting out as a rookie, he quickly gained seasoned experience when dealing with weddings and being a cozy MC for families he had never met before.


Coolface has a unique talent for making events more than just an expectation, but an unforgettable experience. He is well-versed in corporate events, having done several for big names such as Porsche’s largest dealership in Vaughn, Ontario, the Bahamas current Prime Minister electoral cocktail event, and the IDB - ICC global federal credit union investor grand opening for Bahamar hotel resort, just to name a few.


Coolface is a well-learned DJ/MC in all genres, including even the most intimate of events, especially for different languages like Spanish, French, Afro, and Punjabi. He has recently moved to Toronto in 2020 and is currently the Resident DJ for El Furniture Warehouse. Coolface also organizes with local promoters for other clubs and events in the area.


With his vast experience and talent, Coolface the DJ is sure to bring a unique and unforgettable vibe to any event he is a part of!

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