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About Muukhi

Born in a family of artists in India, Muukhi was exposed to classical music which led to developing a knack for rhythm and sense for music at a very early age. He quickly learned how to play percussion instruments like the Tabla, Dhol, Dholak and Drums. He began accompanying artists by the time he was in high school.

The first time Muukhi stepped foot in a nightclub, he immediately fell in love with the concept of DJing. Soon enough, Muukhi  got a chance to play at a nightclub for the very first time. He spent the next 4 years DJing in nightclub,  weddings and special events in New-Delhi, India. He then moved to Canada where he gained his experience as on the mix, bringing his sets to the next level. 

Muukhi is long-time resident DJ for Partyshadows events. He is well versed with genres like Bollywood, Bhangra/Punjabi, Hip-Hop, Edm, House, country and Rock music. With many years of experience playing for diverse cultures, Muukhi is the  ideal match for any kind of party!

"As a DJ I believe it’s all about the interaction with the crowd, feeling the vibe of any particular event and then taking it to the top. Love seeing happy smiling faces when they’re just having the best time EVER. I believe Music has the power to connect us all in a way and disconnect from all our worldly worries at the same time." - Muukhi

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Tania A. Married on 10/06/2023

"Muukhi was excellent, a lot of the guests came up to me and said he was great as a DJ. You can tell everyone was having a blast. He played a lot of people’s favourites. We would definitely work with him again!"
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