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About Liam Friesen

Growing up immersed in music, Liam's passion ignited into a DJ journey over 8 years ago. With 4 years dedicated to crafting memorable wedding experiences, he's honed his skills to curate diverse soundscapes that transcend generations and genres. Don't be fooled by his youthful energy – Liam's repertoire goes beyond "new" music, ensuring every request and dance floor groove is catered to.

Beyond the playlist, Liam's accolades speak volumes. He's rocked the Frost Music Festival, sharing the stage with renowned artists like Loud Luxury, Borgore, n1ghtmare, and Major Lazer. But his true passion lies in creating unforgettable moments for YOU. His mission is simple: leave every event with a sweaty dancefloor and an audience wanting more.

Here's what sets Liam apart:

  • Genre-bending versatility: From classic throwbacks to chart-topping hits, Liam tailors his sets to your unique vision.

  • Expert crowd-reading: He intuitively reads the room, keeping the energy flowing and the dance floor packed.

  • Seamless transitions: His smooth mixing ensures a cohesive musical journey.

  • Professionalism you can trust: Punctual, organized, and detail-oriented, Liam ensures your event runs flawlessly.

  • Unwavering passion: His infectious enthusiasm shines through, setting the perfect tone for celebration.













Ready to transform your wedding or event into an unforgettable memory? Book Liam and let him weave your musical dreams into reality. Contact DJ Tyco Entertainment today!

Top 40 Dance MixLiam Friesen
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LIVE House Mix on University Radio 2023Liam Friesen
00:00 / 36:04
2020 House and EDM MixLiam Friesen
00:00 / 58:55
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