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About Jonny Henry

Introducing Jonny Henry, the multifaceted musical virtuoso behind the decks at DJ Tyco Entertainment. From his earliest days tapping rhythms in church at the tender age of 4, to his dynamic performances lighting up festival stages alongside icons like Action Bronson and 50 Cent, Jonny's journey through the world of music is nothing short of extraordinary.

Jonny Henry's musical prowess extends far beyond the DJ booth. From mastering the piano at 6 to drumming for hardcore and metal bands throughout middle school, he's lived and breathed music from the very beginning. Venturing into the vibrant nightlife of Ottawa straight out of high school, Jonny quickly made a name for himself in the club scene, blending his infectious beats with his skillful production work for various artists within the city.

His magnetic presence extends beyond the clubs and into the airwaves as well, co-hosting the esteemed CHUO Fm Cypher Show alongside Dj So Nice and The Kid Gorgeous. A champion both in the studio and on the stage, Jonny has triumphed in numerous beat battles in Toronto, catapulting him to live performances across Ontario and Quebec. His musical palette knows no bounds, seamlessly blending genres from Hip-Hop/Urban to Island vibes, from Mainstream Pop to International beats, and from R&B grooves to timeless classics.

Top 40 Wedding DemoJonny Henry
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Preferred Genres:

- Hip-Hop/Urban 
- Dancehall, Soca, Reggae
- Mainstream / Top 40
- Afrobeat, Moombahton, Calypso, Latin
- R&B, Soul, Slow Jams

While Jonny Henry's expertise spans across Rock, Punk, Metal, Country, and Contemporary genres, his true passion lies in crafting unforgettable moments with the "Forever Classics" at weddings and special events. With Jonny at the helm, your celebration is guaranteed to be a symphony of rhythm and joy, leaving lasting memories for you and your guests.

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